Logistics in the transport sector

Logistics and transportation are two closely related activities in the supply chain. These terms are frequently used in everyday life, but they are not always used correctly. Do we really know how to distinguish between the functions of logistics? Are we aware of its importance in all sectors of the economy and in all business activity?

What is logistics management?

Logistics consists of planning and implementing the activities that are necessary to carry out a project. It currently plays a key role. Logistics management is responsible for managing the flow of materials and resources in your company, including activities related to production, product purchasing, warehousing and  distribution of goods. We can say that works on 5 basic key points:
  1. Customer Service
  2. Inventory and stocks
  3. Supplies
  4. Distribution and transportation
  5. Storage
In a time of decreasing margins, it’s of vital importance to have good logistics management that provides organizations with the following advantages:
  • Cost reduction.
  • Ability to access geographically larger markets.
  • Increased competitiveness of the organization.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
The final cost of a product is directly related to logistics activities. For this reason, it plays an important role in the competitive strategy of companies. people in a warehouse

What is its importance in the transport sector?

The transportation of goods is part of logistics. To talk about transportation in logistics is to talk about the movement of cargo in all its modes: air, sea or land. Each has advantages and disadvantages: sea is by far the cheapest, air the fastest and road transport the most versatile. But they all allow raw materials and finished products to be moved from one point to another, according to demand planning. However, the most complicated part is managing the logistics process in the supply chain. It’s essential that the product doesn’t arrive too early (and generate, for example, unnecessary storage costs) or too late, as it can stop production. Perfect synchronization can only be achieved with total control of warehousing and transport, which is why companies often outsource transport operations to a specialized logistics company. Companies that manage their transportation more efficiently will gain a competitive advantage as a result. If you need a logistics partner with proven expertise in logistics for demanding supply chains, do not hesitate to contact us.
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