We provide a qualified air freight service

  • Our own company: CRETSCHMAR-NAVIS Española, S.L.
  • Import and export traffic with express, line haul and groupage services
  • Door-to-door service for documents and consignment of goods
  • Order picking and storage
  • Daily collection and shipment
Carrer de la Química, 1 y 3 Naves 10 y 11 Polig. Ind. Sant Vicenç E-08755 Castellbisbal (Barcelona) Tel.: +34 93 772 41 50 Fax: +34 93 772 27 44



Everyone is talking about networking these days. CretschmarCargo is a founding partner of the leading transport network in Europe, System Alliance Europe. We understand how highly efficient cooperation can benefit our customers: on the one hand, flexible local units that are well-acquainted with their markets and customers. And on the other, the possibility of outsourcing and pooling services across Europe in the customers’ interest. In this way, through the Alliance, we can solve the challenges of European cross-border traffic and also offer custom solutions for large-scale projects. As a part of System Alliance Europe, we use the latest technology and robust structures to arrange goods transportation and warehouse solutions. This makes us EFFICIENT AND FLEXIBLE IN THE ALLIANCE.

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