Reducing truck fuel costs

Is it possible to reduce the truck’s fuel consumption? Yes, just a few small but fundamental measures are enough to reduce fuel consumption and optimize consumption. Driving style, monitoring and care of some truck components can help us in this objective.

Reducing fuel consumption is essential for any truck driver. Advances in new technologies and engine efficiency are on our side, but fuel consumption is a thought that can affect the day-to-day lives of even the best drivers, accounting for about 30% of business costs.

Continuous price fluctuations are among the aspects of most interest to those who, due to work requirements, have to deal with distributors on a daily basis. In addition, increases have been made to discourage the use of diesel vehicles to reduce pollution and accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles.

Obviously, the reduction of fuel consumption is a very important issue, especially in the field of transportation. But the good news is that your truck’s fuel cost can be significantly reduced with a change of habits. It is not only about taking advantage of every drop, but also about taking some precautions to drive with the same times, only in a more conscious way. An example? To have an efficient high average speed, the trick is to let off the throttle first and then brake less. At first glance, the savings may seem insignificant, but you’ll also be surprised how much a truck can save if you add them all up.

How to save and reduce a truck’s fuel consumption

Speed limit: Maintaining a constant speed and respecting the limits is not only a question of safety but also of consumption. Moderate driving, without forcing your truck, allows you to obtain great savings compared to “aggressive” use. Even better if it has an automatic cruise control such as ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control that not only offers a more relaxed driving experience, but also ensures that a safe distance is maintained from the vehicle ahead. Add all this to I-Save technology and you have a complete package that allows you to optimize fuel consumption and maintain low speeds in a higher gear for a longer period of time, ensuring high engine performance.

Evaluate traffic: evaluate the traffic in front of you. In this way, gear changes can be reduced and efficiency is improved. You can also use the radio to receive information from other fellow riders or take more privileged routes. A system such as I-See, for example, will help you avoid unnecessary gear changes and increase savings, thanks to a constantly updated topographic data system.

Avoid overheating: Another precaution is to avoid overheating the engine. Make sure your thermostat is working perfectly so that you can constantly monitor this delicate parameter.

Check tire pressure: correct tire pressure improves grip, control and driving efficiency, but also has a major impact on the truck’s fuel consumption. Regular checks allow you to improve efficiency and reduce liters per km.

Training to be more efficient: A well-trained and motivated driver with a good understanding of the factors that influence fuel consumption is essential to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Even small changes in the way you drive and use the vehicle can make a big difference. Training programs are often seen as an expense, but in reality they turn out to be a long-term investment that can generate excellent results.

Truck components useful for reducing consumption

In conclusion, let’s look at two fundamental elements to have a better control of your vehicle and reduce consumption:

– The thermostat is an essential tool to check that the engine does not overheat, it is important to always make sure that it is working properly and that the engine temperature remains stable and does not rise too much during the trip.

– Keeping tire pressure at the optimum level brings many benefits, improving: grip, control, driving efficiency, truck fuel consumption, etc.

Small but fundamental precautions, which if maintained over time with consistency and attention, can help you contain fuel costs and take care of your vehicle.


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