HISTORY 1985 - 2015


The freight forwarding facility in Stuttgart was commissioned at the end of 1985, marking almost 150 years of company history, which L.W. Cretschmar could celebrate in February 1986.


In 1986 the company celebrated 150 years of forwarding history. Kay A. Espey joined the company. The foundations for the future were laid. With a modern logo and the slogan „Service makes the difference" CretschmarCargo recommended itself to its customers and partners.

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The 1990s and the years after the turn of the millennium were characterised by strategic decisions. The Leipzig branch was founded in 1991 as a result of German reunification.


Only two years later, in 1993, CretschmarCargo set up its new forwarding agency centre in Düsseldorf-Reisholz, Nürnberger Straße 52, to handle the growing national transport operations.


The CretschmarCargo Neuss branch, founded in 1895, celebrated its 100th birthday in 1995.

In the same year, CretschmarCargo became a system partner of Night Star Express and expanded its service portfolio to include overnight express shipments.


In 1997 CretschmarCargo took over the management of the high-bay warehouse complex Storage Centre East in Düsseldorf-Reisholz on behalf of a long-term major customer from the chemical industry.


In 2000, Cretschmar - NAVIS Seehafen-Spedition, a joint venture with NAVIS Schifffahrts- und Speditions-AG in Hamburg, was founded to promote the sea freight business.


In 2001 CretschmarCargo became a founding partner of System Alliance, one of the largest co-operations of medium-sized system transport forwarders in Germany.


What began in 1902 with the start of the trade fair forwarding business, Cretschmar MesseCargo could look on 100 years of activity in the service of the trade fair sector in 2002.


As part of the ongoing specialisation in hazardous goods logistics, a highly modern hazardous goods storage complex was opened in Leipzig in 2003.


In 2005, the management and head office moved into their new premises at Reisholzer Bahnstraße 33 in Düsseldorf-Reisholz.


In 2006 CretschmarCargo became a founding partner of System Alliance Europe, one of the largest general cargo co-operations in Europe.


In 2008 CretschmarCargo took over the management of the detergent regional East warehouse in Genthin, Saxony-Anhalt for a major customer.


On 1 February 2011 CretschmarCargo completed 175 years of successful company history. At this time, the service portfolio includes logistics networks for Germany and Europe, overnight express, contact logistics, trade fair logistics, air and sea freight as well as port handling.

Anfang Mai 2011

After extensive planning, the way was paved at the beginning of May 2011 for the most important strategic future orientation of the company.

Mai 2011 - Juni 2012

In just over a year of construction, the 40,000-square-metre building was completed by June 2012 in the direct vicinity of the previous freight forwarding centre...

...in Düsseldorf-Reisholz, the new joint forwarding platform for national and European logistics networks. CretschmarCargo is thus prepared for further growth and the future requirements of the market. After 75 years, the Wuppertal branch responsible for European transport closed its doors and in 2012 it started a new successful joint future in Düsseldorf.

Sommer 2012

In summer 2012 CretschmarCargo combined the national and European general cargo businesses in the new freight forwarding platform at the Düsseldorf-Reisholz location. An interview with Kay A. Espey.



Everyone is talking about networking these days. CretschmarCargo is a founding partner of the leading transport network in Europe, System Alliance Europe. We understand how highly efficient cooperation can benefit our customers: on the one hand, flexible local units that are well-acquainted with their markets and customers. And on the other, the possibility of outsourcing and pooling services across Europe in the customers’ interest. In this way, through the Alliance, we can solve the challenges of European cross-border traffic and also offer custom solutions for large-scale projects. As a part of System Alliance Europe, we use the latest technology and robust structures to arrange goods transportation and warehouse solutions. This makes us EFFICIENT AND FLEXIBLE IN THE ALLIANCE.

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