Why did I become an entrepreneur?

By Oliver Rueter

Because I love the freedom of design and action that entrepreneurship offers me, despite all the risks involved.

That’s why I take a critical view of investors entering successfully established business models.

In the long term, will COSCO be content with a minority share in the operating company of the Hamburg port terminal Tollerort?

Or play out its dominance, which China has as our country’s largest trading partner?

The risk of becoming increasingly dependent is great.

China is already the most important supplier for our key industries.

Between 2006 and 2021, Chinese investors have invested in or completely taken over 442 companies in Germany, the management consultancy EY reported in a study.

These include robotics specialist Kuka, automotive supplier Grammer, mechanical engineering company KraussMaffei, forklift manufacturer Still, and fashion groups such as Tom Tailor and Esprit.

Now the logistics infrastructure in Germany is becoming an investment target.

In the energy crisis, we are currently experiencing painfully what too much dependence on one trading partner means and what consequences this has for our economy.

The People’s Republic itself puts a stop to the influence of foreign companies that want to set up or open a branch in China by imposing strict requirements and restrictions.

I would like us to be less opportunistic at times in our country. And tackle things with more courage and decisiveness.

Thinking entrepreneurially certainly can’t hurt in the process.



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