When will the time of the persistent complainers in our country finally be over?

The only thing they produce is a bad mood. But we can’t afford them for another day.

Staff shortages, poor education, dilapidated transport routes: it is clear that the structural problems in our country cannot be solved overnight.

But they don’t get any better just because we keep talking about them.

Because we as a company do not want to wait for someone to officially declare the crisis over, we are focusing on our own measures and developments that will help us to better deal with structural deficits.

Investments in the digital infrastructure of CretschmarCargo Süd play an important role here.

👉 How can AI help to relieve our employees of administrative tasks?

🚚 How can you optimize routes past permanent roadworks and closed roads?

🔗How can we better integrate all players in our network into the supply chain?

With the launch of our new Transport Management System (TMS) in Spain, we have recently taken an important step towards greater efficiency and transparency in shipment management.

For us, this is a milestone on the way to end-to-end digital management of our forwarding processes. But it is also a measure with which we deliver a rare commodity in these times: good humor.

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