Welcome to the New Chaos of our world.

By Oliver Rueter

Pirates sink merchant ships. Trade unions paralyze freight transport. Suppliers are closing up store.

I ask myself: is there anyone else out there who is in control of this chaos?

The Control Tower has now taken over this amazing job for us.

For a few weeks now, we at CretschmarCargo Süd have been able to evaluate millions of consignment data at the touch of a button.

This means that we know every second where our customers’ freight is located, whether there are any deviations in the shipment process and how we can secure and optimize supply chains with foresight.

The basis for this quality of logistics is the new CretschmarCargo HomeBase, a central data hub that bundles all shipment-relevant information in our network and creates a new level of transparency in the supply chain.

I am happy that we have successfully launched this digital platform despite all the associated challenges.

This is because it safeguards a key performance promise that we have made to our customers: To deliver logistics solutions that adapt flexibly to changing requirements – or as we say: Logistics-as-a-service.

Chaos can also be creative.

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