We are saving ourselves to death.

By Oliver Rueter

With the massive cuts in urgently needed investments in our freeways and in the “bridge modernization programme”, the federal government is, in my view, on the wrong track.

The Ministry of Transport has cut funding for the renovation and modernization of the freeway infrastructure by around 20 percent, while in other areas the bazooka is being fired wildly – for example in projects for the flopped electric overhead line truck.

The fact is that freight forwarders are already paying for detours, traffic jams and bridge closures because detours cost time and therefore money, traffic jams lead to delays and more and more planning is required to maintain supply chains.

What the traffic lights coalition doesn’t have on its list: Detours cost CO2! Every extra kilometer harms the environment.

In addition, truck traffic places a considerable burden on the infrastructure and residents on secondary routes for years and, as a result of the congestion, leads to even higher renovation costs.

The figures are more than impressive: more than 4,000 bridges in the highway sector alone are in urgent need of renovation or new construction.

Reducing investment in infrastructure means encouraging total gridlock in our country, increasing the burden on the climate and risking a standstill that also affects the supply cycles of our economy.

What Germany can’t afford at the moment?

To save.

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