We must not give up on Europe!

By Oliver Rueter

The German Economic Institute (IW) has calculated what it would mean if Germany were to leave the European Union with a “Dexit”.

The horror scenario: If we were to leave the EU, we would lose an estimated 5.6 percent of real gross domestic product (GDP) or around 690 billion euros and 2.5 million jobs within just five years.

For me, the researchers’ mind game is the economic super disaster for our country.

At the General Assembly of @System Alliance Europe eG (SAE) in Milan, I experienced just how strong the idea of the European community is.

The meeting with the CEOs and top managers of the 54 member companies of Europe’s largest general cargo alliance, of which I am Chairman of the Board, was like a journey into another world for me.

In contrast to the current mood in our country, there was a great deal of confidence and an infectious good mood among the medium-sized, owner-managed logistics companies.

What has become clear to me once again:

💪 The power of cooperation allows us to overcome economic challenges much better than we could alone. As a founding member of @CretschmarCargo Süd, we benefit from this every day.

💰 Investments in new technologies and in the expansion of our nationwide network are much easier to map together.

🇪🇺 And: It feels good to be part of a community that is a constant on our continent with 46,000 employees and 153 branches in 33 European countries.

It has never been more important to stand up and fight for a peaceful, strong Europe.

We are Europe!

We should make this clear to the world with our vote next weekend.

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