The keys to identifying good road transport

The best road transport service is characterized by its agility, flexibility and immediacy. Hence, efficiency is a key factor in this type of transportation, as delivery time can significantly affect the supply chain and its results.

Do you want to learn more about road transport and how to identify the best option to optimize your company’s logistics processes? We invite you to continue reading this article!

What does road transportation consist of?

Road transport, i.e. the movement of goods by means of trucks, is one of the best known and most necessary means of transport for the movement of goods within the same territory. Although it’s ideal for short distances, it’s also used for international transport.

The best thing about this transport is that it is capable of moving virtually any type of goods, from envelopes to heavy materials, such as a wind tower, to perishable and frozen goods. And it’s always a safe and reliable option.

What is road transport used for?

Currently, road transport is one of the most widely used means for commercial transactions thanks to the versatility it offers when moving any type of merchandise. In addition, it has a number of very interesting advantages:

  • It’s ideal for short and medium distance shipments, making it an economical and fast alternative.
  • Allows door-to-door delivery. This is very convenient for customers, since the goods can be loaded at the supplier company and taken directly to the destination company’s warehouse.
  • It facilitates the transfer of virtually any type of load, thus guaranteeing the safety of the products during transport.
  • It adapts to transport routes and schedules, allowing optimization of delivery times.

Keys to making road transport a better service


Today, more than ever, distribution and logistics companies demand compliance with schedule requirements in an indisputable manner, which is why reliability is one of the main characteristics of this transport. Beyond the value of rates or flexibility in delivery, it’is clear that companies looking for road transport services value the certainty that the cargo will arrive at the agreed destination, within the established schedule.


Logistics companies work with different types of customers and therefore require a variety of services. For this reason, the best road transport is the one that manages to adapt to the needs of the moment through schedules, vehicles or pick-up and delivery routes.


Compared to other means of transport, road transport is the most immediate, and we do not say so ourselves, the statistics speak for themselves: 8 out of 10 shipments of goods in Great Britain are made by road. This is because it reduces all pick-up and delivery times when demand suddenly increases.

Competitive cost

In terms of investment in the vehicle itself, road transport requires the least effort. In addition, the costs derived from their use can be assumed without the enormous outlays that are required for other types of transport.

Renting or leasing is widely used by transport companies to offer competitive prices and excellent value for money.


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