Spain is top.

By Oliver Rueter

For me, the country is not only sun, sand and sea, but also super fast internet.

I notice this whenever I visit our corporate subsidiary Cretschmar Española.

At our location in Madrid, data downloads rush through the network at more than 200 Mbit per second. In Germany, it’s just 76.5 Mbit per second.

The reason: Spain is Europe’s No. 1 country when it comes to fiber-optic expansion. 78.5 percent of households on the Iberian peninsula already have a high-speed connection – in Germany, the figure is just 7.1 percent!🧐

According to a survey by the statistics platform statista, this puts “good old Germany” far behind in 34th place in the OECD comparison. Even countries like Costa Rica or Colombia are much further ahead here.

This makes me wonder: Where have we gone as an industrialized nation?

Whether it’s administration, the healthcare system, or the police – while we still send faxes and letters in this country (and then scan them), our southern European friends have long since gone digital.

Incidentally, this is also one reason why Spain came through the pandemic so well: the statistical recording of vaccinations was no problem thanks to electronic patient data. 🖥

My assessment: We are holding on to the old ways for too long. (In this case, old copper nets). We are drowning in bureaucracy. We’re making it too complicated.

Of course, not all that glitters is gold in Spain either. But we can still learn a lot from the determination and pragmatism with which projects are implemented in this EU country.



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