Parental leave is a man’s job.

It’s nice to see that emancipation has now also reached the stronger sex 😉.

Our Head of Corporate Sales has gone on parental leave for the first of two months.

Even though the CretschmarCargo Süd team cannot and does not want to do without Andre Petri, this step immediately received my full approval.

Being able to spend every day with your child is invaluable.

Fathers in particular often have to cope with a deficit here, which lies in putting the job before the family.

That is too short-sighted.

It is precisely the family that stands by our side even in times of change. (This is a family man speaking).

Children give happiness and life satisfaction.

They ground us and help us to forget stress.

They provide an important balance to working life.

But above all: they need their father!

At CretschmarCargo Süd, reconciling family and career is not just an empty promise, but an integral part of our corporate culture.

We are family.

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