On the trail of the coming economic superpower.

By Oliver Rueter

What, please, makes India a boom region?

It takes a good ten hours to fly from Düsseldorf to Mumbai, a city of 12 million people.

A path that catapults me out of the paralyzing endless discussion in our country for a few days, a discussion about energy prices, CO2 tolls, supply chain laws.

As a logistics entrepreneur, I am lucky that such trips are part of my job. My first impression: India has more of everything. More people, more dust, more building sites, more noise, more food.

In the port and trade metropolis of Mumbai, the program includes a visit to our long-standing local partner CKB Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. with whom we have been organizing sea and air freight transports to and from India for many years – in association with Navis.

What I see in discussions with our partner is that India is becoming increasingly important for Germany.

Many companies want to diversify their supply chains and free themselves from one-sided dependencies, for example on supplier products from China.

Or, like the German automotive supplier ZF, they are massively expanding their production in India.

We can only dream of this dynamic growth in Germany at the moment: with growth of six to seven percent, the fifth largest economy is taking giant strides towards catching up with the major industrialized nations.

Even though I experience India as a society of extreme contrasts at every turn, I still sense a sense of confidence and optimism that lies above everything.

What makes India a boom region for me is that the country is incredibly young (average age: 27.9 years). It has a sufficient number of excellent specialists. It has developed into the third largest start-up ecosystem.

And: since August 2023, India no longer lives behind the moon.

It’s good to look at the world from a different perspective in these times.

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