Will real estate of logistics save the day?

It has what it takes. 🤔 Despite the gloomy mood that is emerging in our economy, real estate of logistics provides answers to crisis-related conditions such as supply bottlenecks.

On the one hand, they create space for increasing inventories or moving back supplier products. On the other hand, they are developing into self-sufficient energy power plants with their huge roof surfaces, which in many places are being equipped with photovoltaic systems. We, too, have successively expanded our inventories in recent years and modernized locations in order to offer our customers more freedom of action and greater flexibility. For example, Cretschmar Española, part of Cretschmar Süd, currently has an additional 8,500 square meters of warehouse and logistics space at its Barcelona site, which we created by expanding our logistics center. The hall is approved as a dangerous goods warehouse and divided into sections approved for different temperature ranges and dangerous goods classes. Paperless picking, batch tracking, production supply: Everything is possible. 🤓

What we have also created with the expansion: More space for our new
Logistics-as-a-Service concept, which we are currently rolling out in Spain. 🚒 But also – less room for crises!

More info from @Andre Petri or @José Luis Carmona Jiménez.


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