Is growth the only criterion for corporate success?

By Oliver Rueter

For me, entrepreneurship is not just about “faster-higher-further”, which has become the benchmark for prosperous development.

How often do we see supposedly breathtaking growth stories in the media that burst like soap bubbles?

Especially in times of crisis, there is a much more important measure of success for me: stability.

For me, entrepreneurs who can successfully balance the ups and downs of changing times without having to lay off employees or give up their goals are the true heroes of our time.

There are not many of these, as the current waves of redundancies at companies show, with thousands of employees losing their jobs out of the blue or being rationalized away with severance payments.

Our path to stability: For 23 years, CretschmarCargo Süd has been part of a cooperation of independent family-run companies whose hearts beat for logistics.

As a founding partner of System Alliance Europe (SAE), which we co-founded in 2001, our idea was to join forces with owner-managed companies throughout Europe that act and think like us.

Long-term, responsible, customer-oriented, quality-driven, sustainable.

With 53 member companies, 46,000 employees and 153 branches in 33 countries, we are now the largest groupage cooperation in Europe.

This cooperatively organized community gives us and our customers security even in times of crisis.

And above all: stability.

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