Cyber security in logistics

In the digital era, the increase in cyber-attacks continues unabated, which is why cybersecurity plays a key role in the logistics sector. As one of the world’s largest and highest-income sectors, it is the main target of cybercriminals, and therefore requires reliable security measures and an infrastructure that guarantees real protection against any incident.

Today, logistics and transportation companies enjoy the endless opportunities offered by technology. From streamlining and automating processes to saving costs. However, many of them consider themselves exempt from cyber attacks.

But the truth is that, regardless of its size or specific activity, a cyberattack can put an organization in a critical situation, as it entails a loss of trust, credibility and reputation.

Most common cyber-attacks in logistics

Cyber security in logistics most frequent attacks

As mentioned in the article “Logistics in the transportation sector“, logistics encompasses activities that help increase the competitiveness of any organization.

That is why the main motivation for these malicious attempts stems from the need to obtain valuable addresses, information or data, such as delivery and arrival dates and locations, that can be sold to third parties.

Now, the important thing is to know how to identify the following threats and establish the necessary measures to deal with them.


It is an identity theft that is carried out with the purpose of deceiving the user to get him to reveal confidential data, such as access codes, bank details, among others. It is usually executed through emails and text messages (SMS), so it is common for the attacker to simulate “official” web pages that encourage the user to enter such data.

Computer Virus

These are malicious programs that can infect any computer or device in different ways. They can be very difficult to remove and often spread from one device to another without the user’s consent.


This is an extortive malware that blocks access to the device involved in order to demand a financial ransom in exchange for restoring the computer blockade. It is usually carried out through e-mails with infected files or links and infected online advertising.

Denial of Service Attack (DDoS)

This type of attack prevents a website from functioning, blocking or crashing it by overloading servers and networks with traffic, making it unavailable to legitimate users. To achieve this, it is done through a network of hacked and remotely controlled devices or computers.

How to improve cyber security in logistics

To cope with cyber-attacks, companies must understand that cyber security is a basic necessity and, moreover, that it is a continuous process that must always be active and evolving.

From there, the following strategies can be implemented:

1. Renew computers or devices and rely on software with high security and continuous updates.

2. Develop procedures and policies to promote digital security and maximize the protection of stored data.

3. Having trained personnel who can anticipate potential threats and provide immediate solutions.

4. Betting on staff training, as most successful attacks are due to human error.

Undoubtedly, cyber security is becoming increasingly important in the logistics sector, so special attention must be paid to corrective and preventive measures.

A risk not only for the logistics company: customer vulnerability

It is worth remembering that, in an IT interconnected world, cyber risks are not restricted to the logistics company, but can endanger its customers through the integrations that every logistics operator has with the companies it works with.

Aware of this, our director, Oliver Rüter, discussed the problems faced by small and medium-sized companies with Ms. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Chairwoman of the Bundestag Defense Committee.

For more information on how CretschmarCargo Süd protects your systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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