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Dear customers, Cretschmar and all partners, as well as the System Alliance, are ready for operation. The shareholders and partners of the System Alliance have already drawn up cross-regional emergency plans and will stand up for each other and therefore also for you in these difficult times. We will do our utmost to continue to provide our services in a way that minimises the impact on your supply chain. The objectives of all preventive measures are to maintain our operations and to keep our employees healthy. To this end, CretschmarCargo started in week 11, with extensive hygiene and personal protection measures and the suspension of personal appointments via virtualised implementation through telephone/video meetings and also took various organisational measures: Wherever it is possible, employees work from home and are only present if required. Teams are reduced in size and physically separated. In addition, employees’ reserves are formed by specifically separating, which are deployed at short notice in the event of absences. In addition, extensive access restrictions for external visitors have been implemented. Driver handling was moved outside the buildings as far as possible or appropriate airlocks and separating screens were installed in order to reduce contact points as far as possible. The service makes the difference: Due to the described circumstances and the resulting changes, the performance of CretschmarCargo will adapt to the expected individual and short-term requirements of the customers. The CretschmarCargo team is at your disposal to present all possible services in the field of transport and logistics throughout Europe and to advise you. Operational changes: The German federal government, the governments of the federal states and the governments of the EU member states are working on coordinated procedures for health protection. In the fight against the spread of the Corona virus, restrictions in public life are helping us. This also has consequences for the supply chains, which have not be interrupted under any circumstances, for industry and the supply of the population. It is therefore necessary that we install practicable processes at short notice for your shipments that cannot be delivered to the recipients due to preventive measures, because the factories or shops must remain closed. We ask for your understanding, that we will return your shipments which cannot be delivered to the recipient, due to closure, immediately and charge it to you. This drastic measure is necessary to ensure an orderly and speedy return of goods that cannot be delivered. The transhipment warehouses are not designed to store shipments. We therefore strongly recommend that you clarify with the respective recipient before sending out a shipment, whether he or she is able and willing to accept it as usual without special requirements. Do not transfer this activity to us, e.g. by means of a payment advice order, as this would also lead to an overload of the supply chain if delivery to the recipient is not possible. Furthermore, we cannot carry out collection orders from these companies. This procedure will be applied immediately. Contactless delivery of shipments: More and more information are reaching us, that in the goods receiving department refuse the digital signature for the confirmation of receipt on the MDE of the delivery driver, because in this process there is a direct contact between the goods receiving department and the delivery driver, with the risk of the corresponding transmission of infection. For the protection of the personnel in the goods receiving department of your customers and of course also for the protection of our delivery employee, there is no alternative to instruct the delivery driver ask for the name of the goods recipient with the necessary distance of two metres with immediate effect. This name will be recorded in the MDE by the driver and of course documented with date and time. We ask for your understanding that this procedure must be used temporarily for the delivery documentation and comes into force with immediate effect. If you do not agree with this measure, we request your information. Delivery times / scheduled deliveries: By the publication of the disaster plan by the Federal Government of Germany, combined with the restrictive entry regulations at the German borders, in particular with strong border controls at the French, Swiss, Austrian, Polish as well as Danish border, long waiting times and thus delays will occur. Hereby we expressly draw your attention to the risk that in connection with the “Corona-Virus”, there may also be unpleasant delays, which are beyond our control. Therefore, we suspend our national and international standard delivery schedule until further notice. Until further notice, we also must refuse all claims arising from delivery time overruns for insurance reasons. We also exclude liability for such damages until revoked. This applies both to the standard liability according to the latest ADSp and to shipments for which a forwarding goods insurance has been taken out. Of course, we try to keep the usual procedures and our staff is available for questions by phone or eMail. We thank you for your trust and understanding. L.W. Cretschmar Süd GmbH & Co. KG Oliver Rüter Managing Director

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