Advantages of maritime transport of goods

Ventajas y beneficios del transporte marítimo de mercancías

In recent decades, maritime transport has experienced steady growth and has become one of the main pillars of international trade in goods. In fact, it is estimated that more than 5.1 billion tons of goods are moved around the world by this mode . This means that nearly 80% of all goods transported globally are […]

The keys to identifying good road transport

conociendo Las claves para identificar un buen transporte por carretera

The best road transport service is characterized by its agility, flexibility and immediacy. Hence, efficiency is a key factor in this type of transportation, as delivery time can significantly affect the supply chain and its results. Do you want to learn more about road transport and how to identify the best option to optimize your […]

Most demanded professional profiles in the logistics and transportation sector

Los seis perfiles profesionales más demandados en la logística y el transporte

Logistics and transportation are key sectors in the global economy, as they enable a product to reach the consumer’s hands at the right place at the right time. Due to increasing international trade and the need for efficient distribution, there is a growing demand for highly trained professionals in these areas. The traditional image of […]

Trends in the logistics and transportation industry

Tendencias en la industria de la logística y el transporte aéreo, terrestre y marítimo

We are starting a new year and with it, new trends in the logistics and transportation industry. From technological advances to optimize logistics operations, to novel practices aimed at increasing consumer awareness and sustainability in transportation. So it’s time to see what this year holds for this challenging but indispensable industry. These are the top […]

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