How to Calculate Air Freight Costs

Cuáles son los costos del Transporte Aéreo de Mercancías

Air freight plays a crucial role in the global supply chain by enabling the rapid movement of products to distant destinations. Although it represents only a small part of the chain, its value is enormous. According to the International Air Transport Association, goods transported by air account for 35% of the economic value of world […]

EUR1 Certificate

certificado eur1 para transportistas

The European Union (EU) has signed numerous preferential trade agreements with more than 100 countries in order to obtain tariff reductions for the import of goods of European origin into the countries involved. One of the most important agreements is the EUR1 certification system, but what is it exactly? What is its importance? How is […]

Sustainable air transportation

Como hacer el Transporte aéreo sostenible

Air transport is a strategic sector for the development of the world economy, as it plays a key role in today’s logistics chains, connectivity between people and countries, and investment. It is estimated that around 6 million tons of cargo are transported. In fact, Boeing (the world’s largest supplier of aircraft and satellites) shared its […]

Reducing truck fuel costs

Is it possible to reduce the truck’s fuel consumption? Yes, just a few small but fundamental measures are enough to reduce fuel consumption and optimize consumption. Driving style, monitoring and care of some truck components can help us in this objective. Reducing fuel consumption is essential for any truck driver. Advances in new technologies and […]

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