A company for generations

What’s a 41-year age difference when you’re on fire for the same thing?😎

Transport and logistics are as exciting for Marcos González Rodríguez,our youngest employee at Cretschmar Española in Madrid, as they are for José Luis Carmona Jiménez, Director for the Eastern Region of our Spanish group of companies.🇪🇸

What they both love about their job? The absence of routines. Communication with customers and business partners. The management of information flows. The search for solutions. The family atmosphere in our company.

Marcos is already taking on responsible tasks in the area of land transport at the age of 20. José, who has been with our company since 1977, is an important point of reference for our customers with his international management experience. And with his 61 years, an indispensable knowledge carrier for our company.

A text about how logistics works in the transport sector can be found here:
Logistics in the transport sector

Shortage of skilled workers in logistics?

We at CretschmarCargo are convinced that if we dissolve rigid boundaries and old thought patterns, we will solve the problem much faster, and not just in our industry.🤓
If we give orientation to a youth that belongs to the “lost” Generation Z.
If we also offer lateral entrants a chance.
If we focus on women’s power.
And if we invest in young talent.

Welcome to CretschmarCargo South, Marcos! 🚛



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