This was the big news of the last few days for me: 😦

By Oliver Rueter

Transporeon has been sold to the US technology company Trimble for almost two billion euros.

A transportation management platform through which logistics companies, suppliers, shippers and trading companies can collaborate.

The bombshell: What has been sold here isn’t a company, but a machine for networking. A mega data hub that handles more than 200,000 transactions a day.

Which means: The value of modern logistics lies not in the exchange of goods and services, but first and foremost in the exchange of data and information.

In other words, if you only invest in a new truck today instead of new software, you’ll be lagging behind the market in the future.

My conviction is that Germany’s SMEs can also use data.

We don’t need the Amazon cloud or the US Transporeon cloud, i.e. foreign providers, to gain data sovereignty over our business.

As a founding member of System Alliance Europe, we ourselves operate a platform that can do just that: 45 well-known companies with 142 operations in 29 countries work together perfectly digitally via LogIT for the benefit of their customers as Europe’s largest general cargo cooperation – across companies and in real time.

Booking freight capacities, placing orders, controlling and tracking shipments, determining arrival times in advance: we can do that easily.

The difference: No investors profit from the services of our cloud-based logistics platformonly our customers.





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