We filmed at our Spanish branch in Coslada (Madrid), so you can get an idea of our colleagues on site and the branch itself.

CCI election 2021

District I City of Düsseldorf
For companies entered in the commercial register.
A company of the CretschmarCargo family
CretschmarCargo SÜD
We understand our business

And that means we don't just transport goods from A to B. For us, it means helping customers achieve their goals. And to do that, we often have to listen and understand his business first. We have to get to know his processes and interfaces better in order to be able to offer the truly optimal solution to his transport challenge. Our claim is to find the best logistics solution for our customers. That's a promise! Because
We, that is a network of competent logistics, warehouse and forwarding experts supported by one of the most modern IT platforms, so that the customer's goods are not only on time at the agreed location, but the whole thing also fits seamlessly into the customer's processes.
Since 1967, Cretschmar Espanola has been a unique company set-up. Like no other, CretschmarCargo Süd knows the challenges and peculiarities of goods traffic with the European countries bordering the Mediterranean. We have many years of experience with (almost) all problems and can therefore also work out and offer the best solutions for the customer.

1st place in the Quality Award 2021

CretschmarCargo Süd Quality Award 2021

The CretschmarCargo SÜD - Kornwestheim branch has made the 1st place in 2020 for the fourth year in a row.
The Quality Award is presented by the System Alliance Europe for special achievements in the field of quality.
   -  Unloading Report - timely
   -  Consignments with Final Status - timely
   -  Consignment Inbound to Warehouse SP
   -  Consignment Loaded
   -  StarClassic
   -  StarPriority
   -  StarPriority12
   -  StarDate
   -  StarDate12
   -  Mandatory Scan Point 002/002
   -  Mandatory Scan Point 003/003
   -  Mandatory Scan Point 302/302
   -  Mandatory Scan Point 303/303
   -  DangerousGoods
   -  DispatchQuality
   -  Archiving Quota - timely

CORREO issue 2/2020

CORREO issue 2/2020, the latest news for customers and partners of CretschmarCargo Süd

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CretschmarCargo Süd COVID-19 Informationen

Dear customers,

Cretschmar and all partners, as well as the System Alliance, are ready for operation.

The shareholders and partners of the System Alliance have already drawn up cross-regional emergency plans and will stand up for each other and therefore also for you in these difficult times.



CORREO issue 1/2020

CretschmarCargo Süd CORREO 01-2020

CORREO issue 1/2020, the latest news for customers and partners of CretschmarCargo Süd

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Press release

CretschmarCargo Süd Pressemitteilung

Cretschmar Süd strengthens land transport axis between southern Europe and Rhine-Ruhr.

L.W. Cretschmar Süd GmbH & Co. KG, specialist for European overland transports between southern European and German destinations, will strengthen itself in the future with its own branch office in Wuppertal.




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